I was teaching secondary level students on 2019 and I was learning lots of things during that 1 year. It was really an amazing experience that I could share lots of thing and at the same time I learned the best practices that can be done my teachers to help students on their studies. And one of them is blogging.

How am I here?

It really is hard for me to start blogging and all these tech stuffs were totally new to me but not until we try to learn it. So on 2019, I was trying to learn Python programming language, I wrote my first ever class on programming language on 2019. I was interested on Application of Mathematics on Machine Learning but due to personal problems, I couldn’t learn these much. Then while doing my MSc, I learned Latex, of course it is not a programming language. Then one of my friend suggested me to do blogging about the assignments and courseworks on our MSc degree. It was totally tough start for me not because I was new to this world but I am on village far from city and good Internet Connection. Due to COVID-19, I am on my village learning blogging and taking online classes using cellular data.

Okay but how am I doing it?

I started with GitHub account and then ended with this platform. There are lot to learn and I am just a beginner on this field. But writing about my steps, there are few:-

  • Made GitHub account and learned about Git (still learning).
  • Made a simple Jekyll site using default theme (i.e Minima) (I didn’t knew what is theme until I tried this).
  • Heard about Minimal Mistakes, then tried it and glad to find this soon.
  • Configured Google Analytics and Search Consoles.
  • etc.

What can I write about?

I am planning on writing about simple mathematics problems for Nepali students and target is Mathematics students. But if I got bored, I can write about some journal also.